INSENSO, the first industrial perfume system for sheets and sponges in the hospitality world, patented by Welcome S.p.A.

Finally, the possibility to industrially perfume bed linen and sponges in hospitality.

The idea

A necessary step to transform an excellent reception in a unique and unforgettable moment.

It all comes from a question to the modern traveler: “What do you miss, when you are a guest of a hotel or any other accommodation facility, to have the feeling of being at home?”


Sleeping between the sheets gently scented will give the guest a feeling of comfort and relaxation unforgettable.


The sense of smell, among the five senses, is the one that has the most memory, because it is directly connected to our limbic brain, home of memories and emotions.

That’s why a perfume felt in a place stays with us and we can recognize it in our travels every time we return to that place.

Soon it will become a call, a pleasant memory to be experienced endlessly…

All the best Made in Italy

With its sensations and suggestions, that we can integrate, on request, with characteristic elements of the Country to which we will export our INSENSO System, whether it be the West or the East, in a kaleidoscope of unique and precious olfactory sensations.


News from 2019.

The fragrances chosen for the INSENSO System, are those most appreciated by more than 1,000 guests of luxury hotels, of different ages, origins and sex, both on business and leisure trips, to whose judgement they have been submitted.


Non-toxic and hypoallergenic fragrances, examined and validated by the University of Cosmetology of Ferrara, which have no contraindications even for use in health care facilities.


These are perfumes that recall exclusive and tender places, in a path of the mind that brings to the surface memories, sensations, pleasant flashes of lived stories, to be found anywhere in the world.

To remember the eccentric and suggestive Roman fountains, which express the art of important sculptors and architects. An ingenious and sparkling game, like the combination of Narcissus and Lily of the Valley.

A small Roman courtyard from where you can admire one of the most beautiful Italian works: the perspective of Borromini, exclusive, like its sweet orange flowers.

Passion, tenderness and sensuality of a woman who leaves, who can leave you to suffer, but who can also exalt you with a caress of her. How can we forget the voluptuous Egyptian Tuberose, which still hovers warmed by Amber, brave of orange blossom and mandarin?

It is the most precious rose, a fragrance streaked with wind, honey and citrus fruits. Its flowering, on the Saudi tableland, 2000 meters above sea level, is preserved to remain sacred and rare. It is an almost inaudible desire to take away, carry on one’s own, the scent of that air that boasts the royal seal.

To immerse yourself in the deep and ancestral sea of memories, of a rock beaten by the waves and the wind, of a boat overturned on the shoreline, shelter of fleeting loves.

It is the hand of a child who touches the lush edges on the hills of childhood. A clear and wild aroma that speaks of blue skies, bright purple, the breeze of times gone by, intact and full of history.

A smooth and velvety touch, intense and memorable. All the secrets of the ancient art of perfuming are in this fragrance, wise and friendly, almost protective guardian of impossible loves, which taste of Musk and Vanilla.

A walk between Cedars and Oaks majestic and silent. Steps that wander listening to the rustle of leaves and small branches trampled on, in a natural embrace that reminds us where we come from.


The new olfactory marketing has already taught the big hotel chains how to match the memory of their hospitality to the fragrance they think they look like.


In the first 3 seconds, the demanding guest has already memorized the smell of the new environment in which he has just entered.

“There have been times when he immediately perceived the smell of furniture others he didn’t smell anything and, once again, he felt like a stranger in an elegant place, but which doesn’t belong to him. You can’t be a quality hotel without giving your “business card”, your “olfactory signature” to the guest who arrives for the first time or who comes back.

Here, the journey of the senses for the guest of the hotel or any other accommodation facility has just begun, from the entrance, just crossed the threshold. What will be the next step?


Now he's gone into his room, he's put his suitcases down tiredly and he's gotten closer to the bed, recalled by a delicate fragrance that he wants to aspire to full lungs.

These are his white sheets, with a slight scent that recalls breeze, wild shrubs, routes of memory, memories of walks and complicity lived.

The night passes fast, pleasant, tender and … delicately scented!

The 5 million nasal receptors of our VIP guest rest quietly, without any scent that solicits them on pillowcases, which remain neutral, to defend the depth in sleep.


It's already morning, the sun is knocking on the shutters. A good shower will give you the vitality that a busy day or holiday requires.

With their eyes closed, under the water, their hands look for a bathrobe, a towel. Incredible, again the same elegant fragrance of the sheets!

It is a path from which you would not want to leave, a scent that follows another.

That follows and possesses it, awakening the senses of our VIP guest, his tenderness, his desire for new and deep sensations.


It's time for our glamorous guest to return home, to his city, to his country.

He is awaited by special people with whom he would have liked to share his freshly lived olfactory-sensory path, a unique experience that he did not expect in this hotel and that he will not be able to tell how much it is worth.

Regenerated, pampered, amazed and embellished by this experience, he is ready to leave again.

Have a good trip, VIP guest of the best hotels in the world, who have chosen the fragrance system INSENSO!


INSENSO Italian Perfume System.

INSENSO allows the hotel to perfume sheets and sponges dedicated to the demanding clients of the Luxury Hospitality directly inside them, or at their industrial laundries.


Allows industrial laundries to automatize the perfume process.


Each hotel can choose its own fragrance so that it is its olfactory signature, a true brand identity, or play with multiple fragrances chosen by the guest when booking.


Everywhere the guest will know that quality linen with a fragrant and irresistible scent awaits him.


INSENSO can be rented either to industrial laundries or directly to requesting hotels.

Everything in Welcome S.p.A. speaks of exclusivity made in Italy.

An industrial 4.0 machine, equipped with sophisticated sensors able to recognize the type of fabric, the size of the same, the amount of linen subjected to scenting and discriminate between fabrics that must be scented from those that must be left neutral, among many that pass through the fragrance chamber or what scent the various customers have chosen.

The olfactory experience that comes in the most secret part of us.

If it is true that the eyes, touch and hearing remain external to the perceived, the taste and smell fully involve us in the experience we live, making us savor it or perceive it in depth and making sure that the experience can only be lived if we accept that the aroma or scent enters deep into us.
“In” us.

INSENSO in the ``Luxury`` chains from the Principality of Monaco to Dubai.

After an initial period during which we experimented with the needs of the laundry market and the demands of demanding italian hotels and private clinics, we gradually began to prepare a new environment in which the leading hoteliers in the world of hospitality could come out of an indistinct mass and could increasingly be unique, exclusive and distinctive.


Team management.

We are a joint-stock company, founded in 2017, with a share capital of 107,000 euros, which in a few months has already won the attention of Italian customers and influential testimonials, as a result of a revolutionary entrepreneurial intuition, to give sheets and towels of the hospitality industry the same comfort and fragrance that demanding modern customers find in their homes.


After an initial period during which we experienced live, like any industrial laundry, the needs of the laundry market and the demands of demanding Italian hotels and private clinics, we gradually began to prepare a new environment and awareness, in which the protagonists hoteliers in the world of hospitality could come out of an indistinct mass and could increasingly be unique, exclusive, distinctive.


As word of mouth and the search for new solutions to amaze our customers have brought us important national and foreign hotel groups, we found ourselves forced to climb dizzyingly the times of our growth and make ourselves available to provide and support, in Italy and abroad, the luxury hospitality sector for new, prestigious applicants.


We could say: tired, but happy with so much success!


Today we are the only company in the world able to provide tools for the industrial scent of linen and sponges to hotels that want to do it directly, after the delivery of clean linen by their trusted laundry, or to the laundries themselves that have the opportunity, downstream of their traditional business, to add a step of production, in which the commodity typical of the laundry business is transformed into valuable and innovative service, which retains the hotel customer and creates new revenues.


The personal stories of those who contribute, within Welcome spa, to build this “consumption revolution”, tell of experience and enthusiasm, perfectly assembled, in a generational exchange that sees scholars of neuro-marketing and automation specialists confronting a young President, wearer of unusual specific skills in the world of industrial laundries, as well as genuine enthusiasm and desire to do business 4.0.


Competitive, creative, innovative. This is us.


The Chairman and co-founder of Welcome S.p.A., Bernald Leone, is a young but highly valued professional, with solid experience in the industrial laundry sector and an enviable entrepreneurial vision.


A versatile and creative mechanical engineer, he has a long history of innovative projects, interpreted in the major industries of the country. He has implemented and filed 5 international industrial patents on automation.

Marketing and sales

The Marketing & Sales Manager, Franca Camplone, is a long-time manager with over 40 years of activity spent in the major Italian industries, with particular focus on start-ups and commercial development of companies that have achieved high performance.



Find with us your "olfactory signature".

We will be happy to join you at your facility, to make you experience first the olfactory path among the fragrances INSENSO



Welcome S.p.A. collaborates with Partners who have certified the essences used and important manufacturing partners in important Italian Universities,
the best in the world.